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Military Justice

Military Justice is Liberty’s campaign to protect and uphold the human rights of those serving in our Armed Forces.

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"Whether soldier or civilian, your fundamental rights and freedoms deserve the same protection."
Emma Norton, Legal Officer

Immigration Bill

Help us amend the irresponsible and unworkable Immigration Bill, a race relations nightmare waiting to happen.

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“The Home Office should look in the mirror and fix its own blundering instead of farming out immigration control to landlords and bank managers."
Bella Sankey, Policy Director

No Snoopers' Charter

Campaigning for an end to blanket surveillance of the entire population.

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"The amount of control you have over somebody if you can monitor internet activity is amazing. You get to know more intimate details about their life than any person they talk to."
Tim Berners-Lee

Common Values

In the UK the Human Rights Act protects us all - old and young, rich and poor, you and me. Help us protect it.

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"Without the Human Rights Act we wouldn’t have had the means to carry on the fight."
Gillian Rabone

Lawrence Amendment

Liberty is calling for prior judicial approval of all police use of undercover cops.

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"I would urge all Liberty members to email their MP to support the amendment ahead of the next stage of parliamentary debate."
Doreen Lawrence OBE

Extradition Watch

Extradition Watch is our campaign for fairer extradition laws.

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"An automatic appeal right against extradition is essential. It has prevented past injustice and it must not be lost."
Isabella Sankey
Policy Director, Liberty

Latest from Liberty

Rachel Robinson, Director of Policy
The Government wants to introduce a power which would see British nationals deprived of citizenship by the Home Secretary – even if they'd be left stateless. Statelessness is a barbaric punishment, threatening our security and standing. The Lords, however, have secured an Immigration Bill amendment which would require the power to be fully examined by a joint parliamentary committee before becoming law. This could be debated in the Commons as early as 7 May. Email your MP now – urge them to oppose the introduction of this power without proper scrutiny.
Rachel Robinson
Director of Policy

Liberty campaigns to protect basic rights and freedoms through the courts, in Parliament and in the wider community. We do this through a combination of public campaigning, test case litigation, parliamentary work, policy analysis and the provision of free advice and information.

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