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The Punishment Room: Challenging the Abusive Use of Segregation in Immigration Detention

Patrick Page from Duncan Lewis solicitors blogs for Liberty on their landmark challenge to the use of solitary confinement in immigration detention – which reaches court tomorrow.

Pamela* had just showered and was still in her underwear, applying moisturiser, when the immigration officers came into her room to remove her from the UK.

She refused to be taken to the airport, as she still had an outstanding application to remain here – so the officers tried to remove her by force.

One grabbed her neck and head, blocking her windpipe.

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Jan Sutton – an indomitable force for good

On 8 June 2017 we lost an inspiring human rights campaigner and a much loved friend – Jan Sutton.

Jan was an indomitable force for good in the world. She joined the British Red Cross at the tender age of six and dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of disabled people.

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Why Google DeepMind secretly gaining 1.6 million UK patient records is a human rights issue

There’s been a privacy scandal unravelling behind the scenes in the NHS for the last 18 months. You might be affected – and you wouldn’t even know.

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Surprise visit from President Trump? Time to brush up on your protest rights

Rumours are swirling that Donald Trump intends to drop in on the UK unannounced – having apparently ducked out of a planned state visit to avoid the wide-scale protests that would inevitably greet him.

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What might happen to Paddington if he came to the UK today?

The Browns would walk right by him at first, too engrossed in their Instagram to notice him sitting on his suitcase by the lost property office in Paddington Station.

With nowhere to live, he'd try to find a flat to rent after selling his marmalade for a small profit – but, as he lacks a British passport, no landlords will rent to him, afraid of the civil and criminal penalties for renting to undocumented people.

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Queen's Speech: If we are complacent, this Government will come for our rights and freedoms

After a tumultuous post-election period, yesterday’s Queen’s Speech promised to be a must-watch – but it won’t be getting rave reviews.

As the new Government emerged from its chamber of secrets, we got, well, very little.

But reading between the lines the message is clear – if we are complacent, this Government will come for our rights and freedoms.

Brexit means Brexit?

Several of the Bills announced yesterday involve Brexit, with the Repeal Bill complemented by specific legislation to deal with areas like immigration.

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Who are your human rights heroes?

In every town and city, in every school and family, there are inspiring people doing amazing things to bring about change for the better. Now is the time to tell Liberty who they are so that we can celebrate them.

Whether it’s a family fighting for justice for a loved one, a journalist uncovering uncomfortable truths, a young activist standing up to the establishment, a public servant pioneering human rights in their work or technologist dedicated to protecting our privacy, we want to hear about them.

The past year has been dominated by divisive politics and tragic events.

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With each attack, we were supposed to become more fragile – but instead, we have grown stronger

It’s easy to feel hopeless as we come to terms with the shock of a terror attack on our home soil – for the fourth time in as many months.

This year innocent people from all backgrounds and all over the world were murdered on what should have been ordinary days – as they strolled over bridges, left a concert, enjoyed a pint and headed home after prayers.

To most of us, this violence seems utterly needless. But the perpetrators had a purpose.

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Jo Cox's More in Common message should be the foundation our politics is built on

The spirit and message of the Great Get Together mustn’t come to an end on Sunday night. It should be the foundation our country and our politics are built on.

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Sean Benton's case exposes Government plans to abandon human rights as nakedly self-serving

Today is a momentous day for the family of Private Sean Benton, who died at Deepcut barracks in 1995.

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