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News at last from the Brussels departure lounge

In an unprecedented era of mass hacking, dossier leaks and nation-on-nation cyber-attacks, one secret has remained off-limits to all – what will Brexit mean for rights protection in the UK?

Amongst the soundbites, rhetoric and economic jargon, we’ve yet to have any detail of the Government’s plan for leaving the European Union (EU).

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A ray of sunshine for rights

January is a pretty dreary month. It’s dark, the weather is awful and everyone has given up everything fun. My ray of sunshine this week came when hundreds of people stepped up to support our court case against the Snoopers’ Charter. So far 1,538 people have donated an amazing £43,790.

Liberty is seeking a High Court judicial review of the core mass surveillance powers in the Snoopers’ Charter – and we’re asking the public to help us take on the challenge by donating via crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice.

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One Brexit uncertainty the Government could end now

In the last few weeks of 2016, three separate reports (here, here, and here) on the future of the UK after Brexit strongly recommended European Union nationals living here should retain their rights of residence.

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