Welcome to Liberty's new website

18 September 2010
Communications Officer

Welcome to Liberty’s brand new website! You can see already that it looks quite different, but here’s a quick guide to some of the other changes.

We wanted to improve the site to make it easier for visitors to find what they want, to join us and make donations, as well as to participate in our campaigns.

Bill tracker

This is a new online campaigning tool, unique to Liberty, which helps you follow the progress of any UK Bill that has significant implications for human rights or civil liberties directly on our website. You can see at a glance which debate stage the Bill is at and how far it has to go. At each stage there are quick links to our expert policy briefings, relevant press releases, materials or campaign actions. To see it in action have a look at our current Bills.

Campaigns section

On our previous site information about our campaigns was often buried. Now we have a dedicated campaigns section where you can see an overview of all our campaigning work at once and then visit the individual ‘homepage’ for each campaign to find out more and take action.

More information about human rights and civil liberties

Our website has always been rich in information about different human rights and civil liberties issues in the UK, and we have completely rewritten and updated this content for the expanded information section on the new site. We have also enlarged our section on the Human Rights Act to include a page by page explanation of the different articles and how they apply, including case studies.


Our survey of website users showed that almost everyone wanted an easier way to find information on the site. So we have re-organised all the different sections, added descriptive headings and introduced a site search which displays results from our main site and our legal information site www.yourrights.org.uk on the same page. Why not try it now!


If you enjoyed our 75th anniversary celebrations last year you might like our new interactive timeline, highlighting key events from Liberty’s long history.

Policy, law and press archives

For the first time you can browse or search our archive of policy papers, legal interventions and press releases by keyword, date and topic.


We have expanded the range of Liberty merchandise available to buy online by using a print on demand service. You can now buy Liberty logo t-shirts in a range of colours and sizes as well as bags and mugs. Watch out for limited edition campaign merchandise in the future.

Social media links

You'll see a ‘Share this’ button dotted around the site to make it quicker and easier to share information with your friends and family by email, or publish links to our site on Twitter and Facebook. Our website survey found that as many people had visited the site because of a personal recommendation as from seeing Liberty in the news, so we know it really makes a difference when you recommend us.

Send us your feedback (good or bad!) on the new website by emailing feedback@liberty-human-rights.org.uk