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The dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy: a stark warning from Chilcot

It seems far longer than two weeks ago that Sir John Chilcot published his Iraq Inquiry report – but with a new Government settling in, ministers have a duty to implement its lessons.

One of the report’s starkest warnings is of the dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy.

The Iraq Inquiry report found that, over the course of 2002 and 2003, Tony Blair was repeatedly advised that an invasion of Iraq would increase the threat to the UK from Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

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A clear message to our Government: your Snoopers' Charter will breach British people’s fundamental rights

Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe has delivered a forceful opinion which should cause the Government to seriously consider revising the Investigatory Powers Bill currently before Parliament – or face the prospect of further legal challenges.

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A victory for equality before the law

Wednesday 13 July 2016 was a historic day for more than the obvious reason. As David Cameron prepared to tender his resignation to Her Majesty and hand the keys to No.10 to Theresa May, the Supreme Court dealt a decisive blow to his Government’s plans to impose a residence test on those seeking legal aid.

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Buck passing and shoulder shrugging on refugees must end

A survey out this week showed one in three councils have failed to accept Syrian refugees – with most saying the cost of housing and supporting them far exceeds the amount central Government has agreed to provide.

This is a timely reminder of Government failures in the face of the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history.

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The inquest into the death of Alice Gross is another example of the Human Rights Act delivering truth, justice and reform

Yesterday the inquest into the death of 14-year-old Alice Gross concluded. Thanks to Article 2 of the Human Rights Act, it addressed not only how Alice had died, but broader questions around what our authorities knew – or should have known – about her killer.

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What can you do if you experience a hate crime?

In the last few days we have seen a 57 per cent increase in racist and xenophobic attacks – hate crimes.

It would be naïve to think that such attacks are new. While we have made significant progress in pushing back against such intolerance, for some parts of our communities across the country the threatening undercurrent of prejudice has remained, barely contained beneath the surface.

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The curious incident of the PSPOs in the night-time

For more than a year now, Liberty has been fighting the cruel trend of local councils using Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to criminalise the homeless.

We've had some notable successes, as have local campaigners – forcing several u-turns and watering down of the most unfair proposals. Despite this, worrying proposals continue to pop up around the country. 

The latest is in Wrexham.

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"Who cares wins" - another inspiring AGM

As Liberty’s membership officer I was delighted to see such a full house at our AGM on 18 June and to have a chance to meet so many impassioned members. As this year’s conference proved, there are a lot of us who care about our human rights.

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Investigatory Powers Bill: Government has set review of bulk powers an impossible task

Anything less than a thorough, comprehensive and procedurally irreproachable review will do a disservice to this important public debate. But, by undermining due process from the start, the Government has set the panel what looks like an impossible task.

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This World Refugee Day, we can, we must and we are fighting back against the tide of division

Today is World Refugee day. To mark it, the UN Refugee Agency has launched a petition. It demands that national governments ensure every refugee child gets an education, every refugee family has somewhere safe to live and every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community. 

Amid a collective failure of compassion that has seen barriers – both physical and legal – erected across Europe, and a wave of xenophobia sweeping the continent, the call couldn’t be more urgent.

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