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After the Repeal Bill vote: the race is on to protect our rights after Brexit

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Repeal Bill – a piece of legislation that, in its current form, gives a handful of ministers unprecedented powers to rewrite our laws with no proper scrutiny from Parliament – stumbled over its first parliamentary hurdle.

Officially titled the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, it would let ministers quietly chip away at the many vital rights and equality protections we’ve gained through our EU membership.

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Misidentification and improvised rules - we lift the lid on the Met's Notting Hill facial recognition operation

Silkie Carlo goes behind the scenes of the Met's worryingly inaccurate and painfully crude facial recognition operation where the rules are devised on the spot. 

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Facial recognition: what it is and why you should care

With the Met set to 'trial' controversial facial recognition technology at Notting Hill Carnival again, it's vital all attendees know what it is and why the plan must be scrapped. 

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It's work experience week at Liberty House


This week we're welcoming another four work experience students to Liberty House.

Eloka, Jack, Maia and Temi joined us yesterday and will be spending time with Liberty's various teams as part of a busy work programme and learning what makes an effective human rights NGO tick.

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Two months after the Grenfell Tower fire: the hostile environment laid bare

Two months ago today, the Grenfell Tower fire claimed the lives of at least 80 people and destroyed the homes of hundreds more.

Scores of families now face an agonising wait for the forensic examination of the site to conclude, as a criminal investigation progresses and the terms of an independent inquiry are set.

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The Punishment Room: Challenging the Abusive Use of Segregation in Immigration Detention

Patrick Page from Duncan Lewis solicitors blogs for Liberty on their landmark challenge to the use of solitary confinement in immigration detention – which reaches court tomorrow.

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Jan Sutton – an indomitable force for good

On 8 June 2017 we lost an inspiring human rights campaigner and a much loved friend – Jan Sutton.

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Why Google DeepMind secretly gaining 1.6 million UK patient records is a human rights issue

There’s been a privacy scandal unravelling behind the scenes in the NHS for the last 18 months. You might be affected – and you wouldn’t even know.

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Surprise visit from President Trump? Time to brush up on your protest rights

Rumours are swirling that Donald Trump intends to drop in on the UK unannounced – having apparently ducked out of a planned state visit to avoid the wide-scale protests that would inevitably greet him.

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What might happen to Paddington if he came to the UK today?

The Browns would walk right by him at first, too engrossed in their Instagram to notice him sitting on his suitcase by the lost property office in Paddington Station.

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