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Armed Forces survey rings alarm bells for soldiers' rights

The latest Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey has been published today.

Distributed to a sample of almost 30,000 troops, it provides us with a useful snapshot of the real lived experiences of the men and women in our Armed Forces.

There are some positives. Seventy-four per cent of personnel are proud to be in the services. Eighty-nine per cent say their family is proud of them.

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In solidarity with the people of Manchester

Our hearts go out to the victims and survivors of the terrible attack in Manchester last night and our thoughts are with their loved ones. This was a brutal, horrifying act targeting innocent families and children on what should have been an exciting night out.

But watching Mancunians come together is humbling and inspiring – amid the ongoing confusion, social media has been flooded with offers of spare rooms, free rides, phone chargers and cups of tea.

The emergency services worked tirelessly through the night.

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The year we tore up the rule book

Last weekend, Liberty members joined us in Sheffield to debate gender-based violence, State surveillance and much more at our AGM. Here’s what Liberty’s Director, Martha Spurrier, had to say at the end of an inspiring day.

It’s been quite a year.

Politics has put pollsters out of business as we’ve careened from one surprise result to another – whether it was the EU Referendum, the election of Donald Trump or the announcement of a snap election.

This is the year that we tore up the rule book.

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Five questions you should be asking canvassers

Local elections are done and dusted – but general election campaigning is just getting started.

Across the nation, we’ll be bombarded with slogans, leaflets and canvassers at every turn for the next four weeks – so it helps to know your stuff.

The concerns we raise on the doorstep are fed back to party headquarters – and can have a real influence over manifestos and campaigning priorities.

If you want to protect human rights for the next five years – whoever’s running our country – here are five things to ask every canvasser who comes to your door.

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A free press is the beating heart of our democracy – don't let the Government stifle it

Yesterday Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published its annual World Press Freedom Index.

It made for grim reading. The UK is down two more places in the rankings, having slipped 12 over the past five years.

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#StopSharing patient information

Today we join Doctors of the World in calling for the Government to #StopSharing patients’ data with the Home Office.

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Every manifesto must commit to human rights

So there it is – a General Election on Thursday 8 June.

As manifestos are frantically drawn up, Liberty calls on all political parties to take this chance to take a stand for the principles and laws that protect the rights of ordinary people across the UK, day in, day out.

We urge them to commit to protecting our Human Rights Act and maintaining our membership of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Bullying and discrimination persist in the Armed Forces – the MoD must act

Last week, the Service Complaints Ombudsman Nicola Williams published her first annual report.

It covers her first year in charge of the new Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (SCOAF) – and it paints a worrying picture of the bullying and discrimination still a very serious problem within our military. 

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A Hostile Environment for the Homeless

For years, the Government has been extending immigration control into every aspect of UK life, turning teachers, bankers and landlords into border guards in a bid to create a hostile

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The Government’s oppressive “rape clause” is inhuman and degrading – it must be scrapped

The Government has unveiled regulations requiring women to prove they have been raped in order to claim child tax credits for more than two children.

The so-called “rape exemption” is among regulations that will come into force tomorrow.

If the exemption does not apply, a family will only be able to claim tax credit for up to two children.

The new rules were laid before Parliament on 15 March 2017 – just three weeks ago. They have not been subjected to any scrutiny.

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