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Celebrate Human Rights Day

Today is Human Rights Day - a date that Liberty always looks forward to celebrating at the start of the festive season. This year not only are we launching a competition for school children across the country but we’re also releasing an engaging new cinema advert promoting our Common Values campaign.

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Give Liberty a big hand with the Big Give

During the week beginning 6 December, donations made to Liberty’s capital appeal through the Big Give website will be matched up to a total of £40,000.

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Liberty Human Rights Awards 2010

Liberty’s new-look Human Rights Awards held last night were a massive success. Lawyers and journalists rubbed shoulders with campaigners and politicians at the Southbank event, compered by Rory Bremner - who had the crowd in stitches throughout the evening.

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Inside the Kettle

The student walkout remained peaceful until the police blocked us off at Whitehall. As far as I am aware there was no actual violence until after we had been kettled and all entrances to the street in which we were in were blocked.

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Home Secretary challenges 7/7 ruling

It’s been a busy few days at Liberty HQ – on Tuesday we had payments to Guantanamo detainees, in part to keep certain details secret, and today we have a Government attempt to exclude bereaved family members from the 7/7 inquests.

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Minister on Question Time: caught in the headlights?

Was it just me or did Lib Dem Jeremy Browne defend control orders on Question Time last night?

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Reports of 'Coalition car crash' over control orders – will Government sell out over unsafe and unfair policy?

Control orders, the anti-terror policy dreamt up by officials in 2005, allow for terror suspects to be placed under house arrest forever without any semblance of criminal charge or trial.

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The unfairness of English tests for overseas spouses

In June of this year, it was announced that spouses and partners of British citizens from overseas will have to take an English language test before joining their partner in the UK.

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U-turn on internet snooping?

Today the Home Office confirmed that the previous Government’s plan to allow the police and security services to track the record of all emails, texts and phone calls made and internet sites visited of everyone in Britain is being revived, to the tune of £2bn.

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Seven simple things you can do to help protect civil liberties

At Liberty HQ we get to spend all day campaigning to defend human rights and civil liberties, but we know not everyone is as lucky as we are.

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