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U-turn on internet snooping?

Today the Home Office confirmed that the previous Government’s plan to allow the police and security services to track the record of all emails, texts and phone calls made and internet sites visited of everyone in Britain is being revived, to the tune of £2bn.

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Seven simple things you can do to help protect civil liberties

At Liberty HQ we get to spend all day campaigning to defend human rights and civil liberties, but we know not everyone is as lucky as we are.

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Common Values in Government: Liberty’s event at the Conservative Party conference

We rounded off Liberty's Party conference season last night by thanking our panellists - Attorney General Dominic Grieve and Lord Chancellor Ken Clarke - for a good start on civil liberties since taking office.

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Labour and Liberty - a new direction

An audience on a high from a humble yet optimistic leader's speech packed out Liberty's fringe event at this year's Labour conference.

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Standing room only at Liberty fringe as Lib Dems renew opposition to control orders

A packed hall at this year’s Liberty Liberal Democrat conference fringe meeting witnessed a firm restatement of the Lib Dem promise to dismantle the unsafe and unfair control order regime.

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Welcome to Liberty's new website

Welcome to Liberty’s brand new website! You can see already that it looks quite different, but here’s a quick guide to some of the other changes.

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From 'War' to law?

When the Home Secretary invited Liberty to contribute to Government’s long overdue review of counter-terror measures, we were happy to oblige.

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Party Conference Fringe Events

If you're heading to a Party conference this year, make a space in your schedule for Liberty's fringe event.

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Liberty's Director pays tribute to the late Lord Bingham

In response to the news of the death of Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Liberty's Director Shami Chakrabarti said: "Today lawyers and human rights defenders the world over will mourn this great loss."

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The human cost of control orders

Under a control order you might never know the accusation against you and never have the chance to clear your name. How would that feel?

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