Liberty's Director pays tribute to the late Lord Bingham


Communications Officer

In response to the news of the death of Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Liberty's Director Shami Chakrabarti said: "Today lawyers and human rights defenders the world over will mourn this great loss."

"Tom Bingham was the perfect combination of intellect, integrity, humanity and humility- a very private man who became such a towering figure in legal and public life. His achievements are numerous but I will never forget his 2009 speech to Liberty's conference in defence of the Human Rights Act:

"Which of these rights, I ask, would we wish to discard? Are any of them trivial, superfluous, unnecessary? Are any of them unBritish? There may be those who would like to live in a country where these rights are not protected but I am not of their number."

As long as people anywhere fight torture and slavery; treasure free speech, fair trials, personal privacy and liberty itself - Lord Bingham will be remembered."