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Liberty calls on Prime Minister to end uncertainty for EU nationals by guaranteeing their family, work and welfare rights

26 June 2017

Liberty has called on Theresa May to guarantee beyond doubt that EU citizens will retain all of their existing rights, as she sets out plans for them to be given “settled status” today.

The Prime Minister will present a paper to the House of Commons this afternoon, laying out details of a so-called “fair and serious offer”.

To offer real certainty to EU citizens and their families, the paper must guarantee that those in the UK at the agreed “cut-off point” will:

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"What kind of sovereignty is that?" - Liberty responds to the Queen's Speech

21 June 2017

Today's Queen's speech outlined the Government's plans for Brexit and countering terrorism.

On the Brexit plans, Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said: “The people voted to leave the European Union, not to tear up their rights and freedoms. The Government must include a definitive clause in the Repeal Bill to guarantee that there will be no backsliding on rights.

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Deepcut deaths: Major decisions expected at first Sean Benton pre-inquest review

15 June 2017

Sean, 20, was found with five bullet wounds to his chest on 9 June 1995 – shortly after he had been told he was to be discharged from the Army. 

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The UK Government can and must take a stand against laws which criminalise abortion: Liberty responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

14 June 2017

The Supreme Court has today rejected an appeal by a mother and daughter in their legal battle for women from Northern Ireland to receive free abortions on the NHS in England.

Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said: “This case centred on NHS charging – meanwhile the UN and the High Court in Belfast have been clear that Northern Ireland’s Victorian abortion laws violate the basic human rights of women and girls.

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The Prime Minister risks handing terrorists their greatest victory

06 June 2017

For cheap political points and headlines, she is willing to undermine our democracy, our freedom and our rights – the very things these violent murderers seek to attack.

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Next Government must abandon plans for “authoritarian” Espionage Act that could see journalists jailed for embarrassing politicians

10 May 2017

Liberty has called on the next Government to abandon the Law Commission’s proposals for an Espionage Act which could see journalists and whistleblowers jailed for years if they reveal information that merely embarrasses ministers.

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Court of Appeal rules criminal records disclosure scheme unlawful

03 May 2017

The Government’s criminal records disclosure scheme is disproportionate and breaches people’s right to privacy, the Court of Appeal has ruled today.

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Liberty responds to announcement Lauri Love can appeal against his extradition

25 April 2017

Kaim Todner, solicitors for alleged hacker Lauri Love, have announced in a statement today that they have obtained permission for Mr Love to appeal against his extradition to the United States.

Liberty has been granted permission to intervene in the appeal.

Silkie Carlo, Policy Officer for Liberty, said: “Liberty welcomes the news that Lauri has been granted permission to appeal against his extradition. This hearing will be an important test of the extradition protections Theresa May introduced following Gary McKinnon’s case.

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Self-serving, misleading and dangerous: Liberty condemns Government’s plan to shirk human rights obligations in future armed conflicts

06 April 2017

Government plans to abandon its European Convention on Human Rights obligations during future conflicts are unlawful, incoherent, wilfully misleading and designed to protect the Ministry of Defence from scrutiny, Liberty has warned today.

In October 2016, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced its intention to create a ‘presumption of derogation’ from the Convention (ECHR) during all future conflicts taking place abroad. None of the other 46 countries signed up to the ECHR has ever taken this step.

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“Gaping holes where our rights should be”: Liberty’s analysis of the Great Repeal Bill white paper

30 March 2017

Liberty has today produced a damning analysis of the Government’s white paper on the Great Repeal Bill – which risks leaving UK residents with far fewer rights than they currently have.

Under these proposals, the Bill – which should be used solely to incorporate and provide a foundation for EU laws – could be used by Ministers to ride roughshod over UK citizens’ human rights.

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