Liberty responds to Lib-Con coalition agreement

12 May 2010

Liberty today welcomed the Lib-Con coalition’s proposals on civil liberties but urged the new Government to defend the Human Rights Act and remember both parties’ opposition to the control orders regime.

The coalition’s agreement includes scrapping the ID card scheme and amending the DNA database model but is silent on the Human Rights Act and the unfair and unsafe control orders policy.

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, said:

“We welcome the way that the new coalition has bound itself together with civil liberties. It is Liberty’s job to hold it to its word. We celebrate the end of ID cards.

Now the common values of the Human Rights Act must be proudly defended and the worst scandals of the War on Terror – punishment without trial and torture – must be investigated and halted.”

Read our detailed analysis of the provisional Lib-Con agreement.

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