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Liberty responds to ISC report on mass surveillance

Responding to the Intelligence and Security Committee report on mass surveillance, Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti said:

“The ISC has repeatedly shown itself as a simple mouthpiece for the spooks – so clueless and ineffective that it’s only thanks to Edward Snowden that it had the slightest clue of the agencies’ antics."

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Victory for Liberty’s Military Justice campaign as Parliament agrees new independent Armed Forces Ombudsman

Today MPs approved plans to create an independent Service Complaints Ombudsman as a Government amendment to the Armed Forces Bill - based on Liberty-backed proposals made in Committee – passed its final parliamentary stage.


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Campaigners given go-ahead to legally challenge Mayor of London over Parliament Square fencing

Liberty’s client has been granted permission to take the Mayor of London to court over his decision to fence off Parliament Square – preventing peaceful protests by Occupy Democracy from going ahead.

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Victory for campaigners as “pay to protest” authorities back down

Authorities who demanded climate change campaigners fork out thousands of pounds to march peacefully in London have bowed to pressure from Liberty, protesters and the public and staged a dramatic u-turn.

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Liberty responds to IPT revelations over legally-privileged communications

Responding to the Government's concession that the intelligence agencies' policies for handling legally-privileged communications have breached human rights laws, Liberty's Legal Director James Welch said: 

"For the second time in a fortnight we learn how little respect the intelligence services have for personal privacy - and now legal process.

"Until there is a fundamental overhaul of the laws governing the security services, our privacy will never be safe."

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Intelligence sharing between UK and USA was unlawful, Tribunal rules

GCHQ acted unlawfully in accessing millions of people’s private communications collected in bulk by the USA’s National Security Agency, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has ruled today.

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Liberty responds to police photo database revelations

"With scant regard for the law and no consultation, police have handed themselves an incredibly invasive tool capable of tracking millions of us irrespective of guilt or innocence."

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Scottish Government supports Liberty's Common Values campaign

The Scottish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the Human Rights Act by offering its support to Liberty’s Common Values campaign. 

The campaign aims to broaden understanding and respect for human rights and counter the damaging myths and misunderstandings that have grown around them. 

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Joanna Michael: Family of domestic homicide victim can use Human Rights Act to sue police

Today the Supreme Court ruled that Joanna Michael’s family can bring a case against Gwent and South Wales Police forces - using the Human Rights Act.

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Liberty launches judicial review of fencing around Parliament Square Gardens

Liberty has launched a judicial review of the Mayor of London’s decision to fence off Parliament Square Gardens – preventing a number of planned peaceful demonstrations by Occupy Democracy from going ahead.

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