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Liberty digital security training protecting journalists and their sources

Liberty's Policy Officer (Technology and Surveillance), Silkie Carlo, is offering infosec training to help journalists learn practical skills, such as:

  • encrypting their emails to keep correspondences with sources secure
  • using anonymous internet browsers such as Tor to keep their web use private
  • using secure, encrypted operating systems such as Tails


7 March: Liberty Policy Officer Rachel Robinson will take part in a panel at StopWatch’s day conference. Details to be confirmed.


WOW – Women of the World Festival, Southbank Centre, London

11 March: Des James, father of Private Cheryl James, and Liberty lawyer, Emma Norton, will be speaking on the treatment of women in the military. Liberty Director Martha Spurrier will chair the session.


2017 London Human Rights Watch Film Festival

9-17 March: Liberty is excited to partner with Human Rights Watch Film festival for the Premiere of surveillance film "Black Code". 


14 March: Liberty Director Martha Spurrier will be speaking at Brunel University’s Knowing our Rights project launch on the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act. Details to be confirmed.


Bristol Festival of Ideas

20 April: Liberty Director Martha Spurrier will be speaking at the Bristol Festival of Ideas on ‘revolution’. Details to be confirmed.


1 May: Liberty Policy Assistant Sam Hawke will be speaking at Reading College. Details to be confirmed.