Government concedes need for Snoopers’ Charter to protect rights in response to Tom Watson’s landmark legal challenge – but must go further

30 November 2017

  • Amber Rudd has today proposed changes to the new Investigatory Powers Act in response to successful legal claim brought by Tom Watson MP
  • But Government proposals only partially comply with landmark judgment

Tom Watson MP said:

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Now the Government is turning bankers into border guards - it's up to all of us to stand up to the hostile environment

You might not be able to see them, but there are border guards everywhere.

Successive governments, determined to appear tough on immigration whatever the human cost, have introduced border controls into our schools, hospitals, workplaces, and even our homes.

So last week’s story that banks will begin quarterly immigration checks on every single account holder in search of undocumented migrants is nothing new. Like so many other discriminatory powers, these rules are part of 2016’s poisonous Immigration Act.

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Liberty condemns Government approach to Grenfell Tower immigration cases and calls for permanent amnesty

10 July 2017

The only way to ensure undocumented survivors can access the help and support they so desperately need is to grant them a permanent amnesty. It is the least this Government can do.

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Cross-party Committee criticises Government's Snoopers' Charter plans

11 December 2012

Draft Bill pays insufficient attention to privacy and ‘goes much further than it need or should’

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Home Secretary accepts it was the Human Rights Act that saved Gary

The Home Office has today admitted that it was only the Human Rights Act which prevented Gary McKinnon’s unfair extradition. See the full text from their letter to Gary’s legal team below:

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Liberty welcomes Home Secretary’s decision not to extradite Gary McKinnon to US

16 October 2012

Today Liberty welcomed the Home Secretary’s long-overdue announcement that Gary McKinnon will not face extradition to the US.

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Free Speech: The lifeblood of democracy

This week 19-year-old Matthew Woods was jailed for 12 weeks for drunkenly posting sick “jokes” about missing April Jones and Madeleine McCann on his own Facebook page. Prior to that, police had to arrest him for his own safety when an angry and vengeful mob turned up outside his home.

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Gary McKinnon: Extradition nightmare continues

With yet another appearance before the High Court yesterday Gary McKinnon’s extradition nightmare continues to rumble on. This latest hearing closely follows a Home Office request for him to see yet another medical expert – even though Gary, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has already undergone a number of assessments by medical experts in the field. These experts concluded Gary would be at serious risk of suicide if extradited. They also concluded he is unfit for trial.

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Extradition Watch: McKinnon & O'Dwyer

Last month Janis Sharp marched on Downing Street to mark the 10th year of her son Gary McKinnon’s extradition ordeal. It’s hard to believe but it’s been a decade since Gary was first arrested for hacking and threatened with removal to the US. Both Coalition partners made grand promises in opposition but a dark cloud still hangs over the family.

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Abu Qatada: The unanswered questions

Outrage at the ruling that Abu Qatada will have to be freed on bail after nearly seven years of detention without charge is predictable. The Home Office has attacked the Special Immigration Appeals Commission’s decision, politicians have decried human rights laws and various commentators are demanding instant UK withdrawal from the European Convention.

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