Government concessions for Grenfell Tower survivors: still far from humane

Yesterday afternoon the Home Office announced that survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire who have insecure immigration status will be allowed to apply to stay in the UK longer, and eventually for permanent residence – updating their initial paltry offer of a temporary 12-month stay.

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If Theresa May wants equality, she must undo her own toxic immigration legacy

Theresa May’s self-styled “hostile environment” has seen police, medical professionals, teachers and private citizens tasked with in-country border control.

And the discriminatory fallout is already becoming clear.

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Now the Government is turning bankers into border guards - it's up to all of us to stand up to the hostile environment

You might not be able to see them, but there are border guards everywhere.

Successive governments, determined to appear tough on immigration whatever the human cost, have introduced border controls into our schools, hospitals, workplaces, and even our homes.

So last week’s story that banks will begin quarterly immigration checks on every single account holder in search of undocumented migrants is nothing new. Like so many other discriminatory powers, these rules are part of 2016’s poisonous Immigration Act.

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Two months after the Grenfell Tower fire: the hostile environment laid bare

Two months ago today, the Grenfell Tower fire claimed the lives of at least 80 people and destroyed the homes of hundreds more.

Scores of families now face an agonising wait for the forensic examination of the site to conclude, as a criminal investigation progresses and the terms of an independent inquiry are set.

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Liberty's 'right to rent' guide

Read our nine practical tips on what to do if you’re a potential tenant and are worried about what the 'right to rent' scheme means for you.

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The real crisis in Calais

The Prime Minister called them a ‘swarm’ and in the media they have been variously described as ‘an organised mob’, ‘tragic human flotsam’ and an ‘unstoppable flood’.  They are the migrants in Calais, living with disease, death and the disinterest of the public for their plight. 

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Immigration nightmare

This afternoon I headed to Parliament to give evidence on the Government’s Immigration Bill - some might say that Halloween was an eerily appropriate day to discuss these scary proposals.

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Tweet the Home Office

After “racist van” and hot on the heels of the Immigration Bill, the Home Office and UK Border Agency have come under fire for telling people to leave the country via text – including anti-racism campaigners and immigration advisers!

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Birmingham's pride; Westminster's shame

Today Malala Yousafzai was awarded the 2013 Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought - an annual European Union prize for those who fight for human rights. Malala, 16, moved to Birmingham after being shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for girls' rights to education in Pakistan.

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"Deport first, appeal later"

We’re lucky to live in the world’s oldest unbroken democracy – a land where notions of dignity and fairness are generally treasured. But our justice system isn’t perfect. No justice system is. That’s why appeal rights are so essential – allowing people, as they do, to challenge the decisions of public officials in courts and tribunals.

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