Human Rights Awards

Human Rights Awards


Every year in courtrooms and the House of Commons, on front-pages and in front-rooms, online and on the streets, amazing individuals and organisations fight to protect our rights and freedoms. Whether their work challenges inequality and injustice or fights for rights and protections for the most vulnerable, struggles for justice can be long and victories hard-won – and many go unrecognised for their work.

The Liberty Human Rights Awards give us a unique opportunity to honour these dedicated people, shine a light on their crucial work and celebrate their remarkable achievements. They give voice to stories that may otherwise go unheard and celebrate the hard work, inspiration and dedication of those who champion the rights of ordinary people.

Previous winners have included Justice4the21, a campaign group established by the relatives of the victims and survivors of the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings; Help Refugees and Safe Passage, for their remarkable efforts in safeguarding refugee children; Des and Doreen James, the parents of Private Cheryl James; the Hillsborough Family Support Group, Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Hope for Hillsborough for their unwavering commitment to finding justice for the 96 victims; The Guardian – for exposing the truth about blanket surveillance by US and UK intelligence services; Baroness Doreen Lawrence for spending her life working to protect the rights and freedoms of others and young campaigner Meltem Avcil for her campaign to end the detention of women seeking asylum.

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